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The terms "you" and "User" refer to anyone who accesses the Web Site for any purpose. “PTSO”, “PTA” and “PTO” refer to the organizations raising funds for public schools.

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  1. Use of the Web Site: www.ptsofundraiser.com hereby grants you a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use and access the Web Site. You shall be asked to pay a definite fee for such use and access wherever applicable. The fees for such use and access shall be decided by www.ptsofundraiser.com at their sole discretion and shall be subject to the Terms & Conditions set forth below.

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    Any unsanctioned or non-permitted use of the Marks or Content is strictly forbidden. A user must obtain prior written permission or consent before making use of any such Marks or Content by contacting www.ptsofundraiser.com at admin@ptsofundraiser.com.

    Use of the Web Site for solicitation and any unlawful purpose is prohibited and www.ptsofundraiser.com reserves its right to restrict any user’s access to the Web Site upon its sole discretion.

  3. Terms of Registration: You must provide your personal, professional and contact information as part of registration process at the time of signing up on www.ptsofundraiser.com. You shall be required to select a username and password as part of the registration process. The information you provide must be true, accurate and complete.

    If www.ptsofundraiser.com finds any information furnished by a user to be false, inaccurate or incomplete, user may be denied further access to the Web Site on www.ptsofundraiser.com’s sole discretion.

  4. Limited Liability: You are solely responsible and liable for your use of the Web Site. In case a user is not satisfied with the Web site or the Content, the only remedy that they have is stop using the Web Site and its Content. The Web Site shall not be responsible to pay any damages to users for their use of the Web Site or its Content.

    The Content available on the Web Site is derived from various sources, there may be omissions, inaccuracies or delays in such Content because of the various sources and other potential hazards of electronic distribution.

    The Web Site and its content is provided on “as is” basis without any guarantee or warranty. www.ptsofundraiser.com does not make any guarantee or warranty regarding accuracy, correctness, completeness or currentness of the Web Site or its content including but not limited to any material that can be accessed through the Web Site or any results that can be obtained from using or accessing the Web Site.

    www.ptsofundraiser.com hereby revokes any, and all implied or expressed warranties including warranties of fitness and merchantability of its Content, for any, and all purposes and use whatsoever. The Web Site shall not be liable to the users or anyone else for any damages resulting from any inaccuracy in the Content or interruption, omission or error in service regardless of its cause. In no event shall the Web Site or its third-party licensors be responsible for any damages caused in any way, including but not limited to loss of time, money, profits or good will, whether foreseen or unforeseen under any prevalent or applicable laws and legal concepts with respect to the access and use of Web Site. The Web Site and its affiliates, agents and third-party licensors shall also be immune from any liability for any loss resulting from use of the Web Site (whether partially or totally), caused by negligence or contingencies beyond its control, in compiling, reporting, procuring, interpreting or delivering the Web Site or the Content thereof.

    In no case shall the Web Site, its affiliates, third-party licensors or agents be responsible for any loss arising out of decision or action taken by you while relying on the Web Site or its Content. You are hereby advised to confirm any and all information that you receive, read, obtain, avail from the Web Site or its Content, from other sources.

    You “the user” shall be solely responsible for your use of any third-party software on the Web Site and any outcome generated by use of such software.

  5. Links to other Websites and Web pages: While using or browsing through the Web Site and its Content, you may come across certain hyper-links and other computer links which give you access to websites and web pages outside www.ptsofundraiser.com. Such links are provided for your convenience and reference only and are under sole ownership and are responsibility of their respective owners.

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  6. User Content: By using the web Site, the user grant to www.ptsofundraiser.com the non-exclusive right to use the information (the “User Content”) entered by them, in any of the Web Site’s publications (whether print or electronic) and data bases.

    You are solely responsible for the User Content entered by you and guarantee its correctness and validity to the Web Site. You undertake to indemnify the Web Site for any loss caused to the Web Site or its agent or third-party licensors because of invalidity, incorrectness or inaccuracy of the User Content entered by you. The Web Site retains the right to remove, delete, edit or review the User Content which it deems to be inappropriate, inaccurate, false, invalid, offensive, abusive, illegal or otherwise not fit for the domain in any way, on its sole and exclusive discretion. the Web Site holds no responsibility for the User Content including but not limited to the content of any messages or information posted by the users.

    You undertake to not enter, post or distribute any material or content through the Web Site that is promotional in nature, solicits other businesses without the prior written consent of the Web Site.

    You shall be liable to indemnify the Web Site, its agents, third-party licensors and employees for any loss, damages, attorney fees, costs, charges, expenses incurred by them because of breach of this Agreement by you.

  7. Other Legal Terms: This Agreement shall remain in force until terminated by either of the Parties. You may terminate this agreement by simply deactivating your profile on the Web Site and the Web Site may terminate it by terminating its availability to you according to the Terms & Conditions on its sole and exclusive discretion.

    This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties regarding use of the Web Site and supersedes any and all previously executed agreements regarding the same whether written or oral. This Agreement is exclusive to you and you are prohibited from assigning your rights under this to any one else. If any part of this Agreement is found to be unenforceable according to any applicable laws, the remaining part(s) shall continue to be in force unless otherwise agreed by the parties mutually.

    Any dispute or issue arising out of this Agreement or Privacy & Refund Policy of the Web Site shall be resolved through or submitted to Arbitration, and the Web Site shall have the sole and exclusive right to appoint an Arbitrator of their choice. The Arbitration proceedings and other legal proceedings shall be conducted in and governed by the laws applicable Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. All rights not expressly granted by the Web Site are hereby reserved.

  8. Anti-Hacking Clause: You agree that you shall in no circumstances use this Web Site for any purpose and in any manner prohibited by these Terms of Use and in addition, you also agree not to:

    1. Use or attempt to use any “scrapper”, “bot”, “deep-link”, “data mining tool”, “computer code”, “crawler”, “robot” or any such automated program, device, tool, process, algorithm or any manual process with same or similar functionality in order to copy, monitor, access, acquire or search any portion of the Web Site or its Content.

    2. Acquire or attempt to acquire any material or content on or about the Web Site which is not publicly available or access to which has deliberately been prohibited by use of security measures. You also agree to not acquire or attempt to acquire the same by trying to access the Web Site’s Servers and other storage facilities.

    3. Intrude upon, by-pass or circumvent the security measures made applicable on the Web Site to prevent access to the Web Site or its Content including but not limited to accessing content, data or information prior to its being made available to the public.

    4. To interfere with the working of the Web Site or its operations or any activity conducted through the Web Site or take any action which unreasonably or disproportionately puts large burden on the Web Site.

    5. To use the Web Site for any purpose or in any way that is expressly or impliedly prohibited by applicable laws or regulations or to enable violation of such laws or regulations.